London Small Biz Network

London Small Biz Network, formerly Putney Mumpreneurs, was born out of a desire to Pay It Forward in the local community.  We realised that local business can thrive through collaboration, sharing ideas, realising we are all often struggling through similar issues.  This networking group promotes local entrepreneurs and business in an informal networking community.

Over the last 4 years Putney Mumpreneurs/London Small Biz Network has grown organically purely through word and recommendation in the community we have created to incorporate all businesses in our area and our range of members is more diverse and continually growing and there is no limitation to what business you run, who/what your target audience are or your location.

Not just limited to Mums or Putney residents!

Our group is not limited to mums or women and we have a quite a few men/dads in our group and you aren’t required to live in Putney! We have looked at changing the name but it seems to have stuck! The talks and “meet ups” are very informal. I host lunches at my home in Putney with Guest Speakers who come and talk to us on a whole range of areas. Its a great opportunity to network and to meet other local businesses and entrepreneurs and learn about the latest trends, skills etc. We have different speakers including PR, Journalists, Social Media Top Tips, Trending, Wellness Marketing, Sales etc.

Upcoming Events

Making It Happen in 2019! 

Thursday 24 January 2019 12.30 – 2.30 pm at 18 Hotham Road, London, SW15 1QB

Inma is bringing her latest workshop to LSBN which will include:

  • Review of 2018, what went well, what didn’t go so well and what we learnt from it
  • How to create your life & business vision board for a very successful uyear
  • Get clarity on what you would like to achieve with the resources and time you have
  • How to use 90 day goals and best practices to define these goals so they can be achieved
  • Why we need to Plan (goals, how, what and when) in small time frames and how to create your own plans
  • How to use a weekly planner to take action everyday

To read more info and to book your spot please click here

iPhone Film Making Masterclass

Thursday 14 February 2019 12.30 – 2.30 pm at 18 Hotham Road, London, SW15 1QB

Peter Roach is running an interactive iPhone Filming Masterclass.  Peter has not only worked for the BBC as a TV News Cameraman but is also a corporate film maker and has also filmed TOWIE in Marbella.

Peter will teach us the art of making a professional looking promotional phone using an iPhone.

Every website uses video. How do you film something that looks and sounds great but doesn’t cost the earth?

In this workshop you’ll be taught how to use the amazing camera in your smart phone to create short films.

This fun and practical workshop will show you how to shoot amazing content quickly and easily.

To read more info and to book your spot please click here

The Experience Business! 

Thursday 28 February 2019 12.30 – 2.30 pm at 18 Hotham Road, London, SW15 1QB

We are so excited to meet and hear serial entrepreneur James Sinclair share The Business Experience with London Small Biz Network.

James will explain why price-focused businesses fail and what winners do instead.

How it is that some companies seem to be able to charge sky-high prices and “get away with it” while their competitors struggle to get customers at any price and often end up discounting their way out of profitability and business and much more …

The answer lies in the Experience Business

To read more info and to book your spot please click here

How to Create a Social Media Strategy for your Small Business

Thursday 14 March 2019 12.30 – 2.30 pm at 18 Hotham Road, London, SW15 1QB

If you are struggling with your Social Media or just venturing into the fast-paced world of Social come and meet Beth Howe, a qualified Digital Mum and Journalist who will help break down Social Media Marketing for Business.

After this talk you should go away with …

  • An idea of which platforms best suit your business
  • How much and what to post
  • How to create and implement an actionable social media marketing strategy for your own business

To read more info and to book your spot please click here

Emily's Putney Mumpreneur events have been a revelation to me. She has shown outstanding leadership capabilities in setting the group and the events up. Each session is very well thought through and planned with very clear objectives and outcomes for attendees. The ticket value is excellent since Emily always includes a super yummy hand-prepared lunch at her home during the talk as well as high calibre speakers. Not only this but it is a fantastic way to network and meet new local business minds and exchange ideas/plans. Emily is a very welcoming host and has included me since Day 1 of my journey with Bubele. I am really grateful for her support.

Sophie, Entrepreneur - Putney Putney Mumpreneurs